Enzyme Applications in Textile Industry

  • AESL offers eco-friendly, sustainable enzymatic solutions for garments & fabric processing and product concentrates to the formulators
  • We offer the complete enzyme product range for the garment processing which includes desizing, bioscouring, biowashing, biopolishing, anti-back staining and back-stain prevention
  • We offer the complete enzyme product range for the fabric, yarn & terry towel processing which includes desizing, bioscouring, peroxide killing, biopolishing  &  lint wash
  • We also offer concentrated enzymes to the formulators so as to offer cost effective & customized solutions to their customers

Desizing Enzymes

Desizing enzymes are used to remove the starch which is used to size the cotton fabrics during the manufacturing process

Rapidenz series from AESL enables complete starch removal of cottons, yarns and denims which increases absorbency and enables better dyeing results

Rapidenz series works over a wide range of temperature

Bioscouring Enzymes

Bioscouring enzymes enable to remove non cellulosic components such as waxes, pectins, hemicelluloses, mineral salts and machinery and size lubricants

AESL offers Addscour range of enzymes for the bioscouring process under mild temperatures, less scouring & bleaching chemicals and reduced water consumption compared to the conventional process

Bleach Clean Up

Catalase enzymes for peroxide killing

Addox series of catalases ensures efficient removal of residual hydrogen peroxide from the bleaching process leading to cleaner waste water and reduced water consumption

Biopolishing Enzymes

Biopolishing enzymes impart pill prevention or lowers pilling tendency of the fabrics. This pills and fuzz removal imparts softer and smoother fill on the fabric and enhances the color brightness.

SEBSoft series are neutral cellulases for biopolishing of woven and knit fabrics and biowashing of denim garments. These enzymes impart body softness and stone wash effect on denims and cotton garments. Enable complete dipilling and color retention on knit fabrics.

SEBrite series are acid cellulases for biopolishing of cotton. They impart complete dipilling, enable fabric strength retention and lower the process time.

Denibrade series are acid cellulases for biowashing of denim garments. Offer excellent puckering and more grain effects on denim. Provides high contrast finishing with minimum back staining.

Denicell acid cellulases for biowashing of woven cotton and denim garments. Imparts body softness and high level of surface modifications can be achieved with pumice stones.

StainClear series blend of enzymes and surfactants to prevent or have anti back staining effect on Indigo denims caused during cellulase enzyme treatment

Enzytone series neutral cellulases with anti-staining properties for biowashing of denims. Gives superior stone wash effect eliminating role of pumice stones

Addwash series proteases to remove back staining of indigo denims. Offers excellent puckering and more grain. Enables to reduce effluent treatment cost due to reduction in use of chemical based agents.